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Introduction to Trader J

The first real taste I had of making money work for me is when I started off selling snacks in secondary school. After that I flipped the dinner money I was making every week to get more stock and continued building a small enterprise. The success of this was rewarding but the business model failed. When I reached college/ 6th form (everyone could go out and eat). I was 18. From the little I knew about finances and the family situation at home,  I decided that I did not want to work a 9-5 like my parents. I wanted money to work for me and I had to find a way to do it.

From going online and researching “How to get rich”, I stumbled upon the financial markets. After reading about the situations others had gone through and watching movies that motivated me to try things out, I dived headfirst into online trading and investing

experienced trader j

That was the first lesson I took: do not rush the process. Over the first year and a half of trading, I lost approximately £13,000 and stopped for 6 months. This crushed me at the time but I realised it was part of what I needed to learn a trade in my evolution as a trader. I am grateful for this lesson. 

By this time, I had finished A levels and went to study at the London School of Economics. I kept seeing different ways income could be generated from the Financial Markets. I plunged back into online trading and investing whilst completing my degree. At this point, I was funding everything through part-time tutoring, student finance, and my small-scale fitness business.

Whilst in my second year at university, I was able to grow and manage my portfolio account to over £180,000+ . During this journey, I confirmed that trading works and that the financial markets could be my gateway to a better life.  

After finishing University, I worked in Investment Banking over the summer and realised my time. I was better spent my time to crafting my skills and increasing my knowledge, rather than dedicating my energy elsewhere. Since then I have been trading and investing full time. I have now put together various resources and information to help others achieve what I was able to accomplish in my years trading.

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“Stuck on where to start on the financial markets? This trade course is to help make your decisions easier. It takes you through introductory material on Forex, stocks and Cryptocurrencies. You will learn about the different markets and what characteristics each of them have.

You will also get a planner for 2021 to help you track your progress and see whether the strategies you have been learning actually work on live markets. This planner will include a diary and calendar to help you track progress”

Limited Time Offer £19.99


Every single trading indicator in the world is derived from price, so it makes sense to actually study it, understand it, learn from it and use it in your trading. (Looking for Top forex trading mentors?). The term Price Action is simply the study of a security’s price movement.

Traders using price action trading strategies look to study historical price to identify any clues on where the market could move next. Therefore, by analyzing what the rest of the market participants are doing, it can give you a unique edge in your trading decisions.


Institutional traders are large players managing great sums of trading capital. They include Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Investment Firms, and some large Commercial Corporations.

Institutional traders can manage their own funds but also their clients’ funds. Learning how to trade how the institutions trade will help take your trading knowledge to the new levels.

If you are looking to learn how these institutions trade, we would recommend our Institutional Concepts & analysis Series, which is filled with different homework’s and tests to gauge skill and ability.


Trading is one part of making financial decisions. Another part is learning How to invest in the right things for the long term. Being able to invest means that you can balance out the day to day uncertainty from trades by making longer term decisions into what vehicles you would like to put your money into.

In this document we will look at all the points I personally go over before buying a stock. The most important thing to keep in mind about the overall analysis is that it tries to find the best long-term stocks.


In short, cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of digital money. Decentralized because no government or company has full control and digital because there is no physical cryptocurrency. Thus, it is possible to carry out cryptocurrency negotiations between users, without intermediation, from one point of the world to the other in a totally digital way.

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Trader J's  Bundle Offers  

Trader J’s Trading Bundle includes access to the price action & Institutional Trading course notes for you to learn both styles of trading. It is recommended for those that want to learn both schools of trading at the same time

Trader J’s Investing Bundle includes access to the Cryptocurrency & In-depth Stock Analysis courses notes for you to learn both styles of trading. This bundle is for Intermediates and advanced people.

TRADING Mentoring

View Mentoring Plans & Pricings

We offer 1 to 1 and group mentoring based upon experience. Whether you are new to trading or have been trading for years, my strategies are directed at finding ways to increase your success rate. Enjoy our trade mentoring courses.

Mentoring on the Go

With regards to mentoring it is an online session for an Individual. Sessions last 1hr 30minutes. They cover a precise topic you are looking for or one of my course topics to help you become an independent trader.

After 6-8 sessions you can expect to have confidence trading and know techniques for different market situations.

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Group Mentoring

Group sessions will be 3 hours long. Each session will be online directly with me and introduce you to some components of my full trading course. This will go over price action theory and some strategies depending on the overall current level and experience of the group. Groups will be categorised based upon information gained from consultations to ensure a close match of knowledge level between all session participants. Group Mentoring with experienced trader.


Online Mentoring Course

Our experienced online mentor gives an in depth approach to price action theories and mixes them with institutional trading elements and ways to improve psychology and risk management. The goal by the end of the course is to be able to analyse and act profitably in major scenarios in the market. Through my strategies and techniques you will learn how to make successful trades whether the market is trending, consolidating or breaking out.

trading mentoring
trading mentoring

What to expect:

Price action theory including:

  • How to identify trends
  • Introduction to Technical , Fundamental and Sentimental analysis
  • Candlesticks and support and resistance strategies
  • Trading Chanel’s and ranges
  • Market Breakout strategies
  • Market breakdown strategies
  • Indicator strategies
  • Chart patterns strategies

Psychology strategies

  • Building a robust trading plan
  • Trading risk management
  • How to use my strategies to reduce psychological burden of trading
  • How to adopt a clear mindset

The reality of a trader:

  • Placing live trades
  • How to overcome self doubt
  • How to start and develop your trading goals
  • How to move from part time to full time trading
  • Personalised goal setting approach

Overall you will be given components specialising in different sections of becoming a consistent trader. Forex trading mentor’s team promise to teach you strategies and skills that once applied and built upon will enable you to become more self aware about how your personality can affect your profitability.

Previous client comments

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The experience I had with Trader J for one week straight back to back was spectacular. In that time, I gained all the information...experienced trader

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Trader J’s knowledge of trading is very extensive, especially within the psychology and risk management side..

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Become the successful person in Online trading

If you are looking for an experienced forex trading mentor who has years of retail and institutional trading experience, you are at the right place.

experienced trader mentoring
experienced trader mentoring

To Learn Trading

Start by learning yourself with experienced trading mentoring.

Trading groupchats

Forex Trading telegram group

Dedicated Telegram group for analysis and thesis. We focus on Institutional trading and price action theory, clearly highlighting the risk to reward from each trade.

What to expect:

  • Analysis on major currency pairs
  • Trade Thesis ( why we entered and how you can learn to enter too)
  • Introduction to Forex document
  • How to use Forex effectively document
  • Calculated risk to reward
  • Recommended lot sizes

Stock Investment telegram group

Telegram group based on analysing and choosing stock picks in various industries. Technical and fundamental analysis is applied with a variety of other market indicators to view medium and long term prospects.

What to expect:

  • Recommended starter stocks
  • Detailed analysis on Stock picks
  • Breakdown of most promising stocks across a variety of industries
  • Quarterly review of stock picks
  • Long term investment outlook
  • Introduction to Investing
  • Portfolio risk management tool

Frequently asked questions

You have to be 18+ to have a live account to trade with, but mentoring can be taken earlier.

No. I help you through providing learning resources, updates, thesis and analysis which helps cut down the time it takes. Many of my clients balance a 9-5 or formal education whilst learning to trade in their spare time.

How do you trade forex for beginners? The length of time depends on a lot of factors. Each individual has their own journey and some may pick things up quicker than others due to have a robust trading psychology and plan. Regardless, the quickest way to learn is by starting your journey. 

You can create a demo account to practise techniques and skills. After that, a live account would be needed to realise actual gains. I recommend starting with £300-£500 and adopting a precise risk management strategy.

Trading is not gambling. Your capital is at risk but we utilise fundamental (news, articles etc) and technical ( price action/ indicators) tools to greatly increase probability and likelihood for success. The Forex market is backed by the biggest and most important financial institutions on the globe. Using strategies, tools and experience we can better navigate the market.

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world – larger even than the stock market, with a daily volume of $5.1 trillion, vs. $84 billion for equities worldwide.


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