CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Personal disclaimer:


Hi, I treat this business very seriously and do my best to operate it in a good and clean fashion.  

I have personally been trading and investing in cryptocurrency and stocks since 2013 – and have been helping others become traders and learn how to use charts and candles for trading since early 2017.  
My mission is simple – to help others achieve their financial goals, whatever they may be.  
I would like to give the following advice as lately I have seen more people fall victim to scams related to crypto and trading – which is unfortunate because it can be a wonderful means of creating income, and freedom for people. I also would like to speak to a question I get on a daily basis – how one can be a successful trader.  
Please note I am not a financial adviser and the following is not financial advice.  
On scams – unfortunately, there are people and ‘companies’ who do bad things and have created products/services that don’t work as advertised – or at all. I want you to be aware of this as this behavior hurts everyone.  
The bottom line is trading cryptocurrency has changed over the years – technical analysis has stopped working as trading cryptocurrency is not an exact science.  
Please do not trust any kind of website with grandiose claims that they will trade for you. These are all scams. All of them. Bots & People who claim they will trade for you don’t work in my experience. Even people can lose your bitcoin. I have tried many of these bots and people. Also, note that some of these scams are so sophisticated that they will often appear to be ‘working’ for several months to excite you so you spread the word – then they will disappear with your money. I am actually speaking on personal experience here – as in the past I have been fooled into trying almost all of them and some worked for a few months and as I got more excited I put in more money and then one day, they disappeared.
That is why I would stress to please do not trust anyone with your Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency but yourself. Only use your crypto to trade yourself or buy things with it.  
Stay safe on the internet. The best option is learn how to trade yourself – and if you are unsure you should practice with paper trading.
Finally on this subject, I would like to stress the following – I realize there are people online impersonating me. They like to reach out to people who comment on my photos.  
I will likely never be reaching out to you personally (if I do so, it would likely be from my email – not social media – and you would likely already be an enrolled student)
That is why I would like to kindly ask – if you need me, please email me or make sure you that you are reaching out to my real social media profiles. I have 2 accounts I use on instagram: Personal @traderj_ and @thattraderj on Instagram. These are the best ways to contact me personally. I will also never ask you to haphazardly send me your bitcoin or to trade for you or work for you. Some people on the internet imitate my accounts and reach out to my followers asking for bitcoin or saying they know me personally. Please know this is not me!
On being a successful trader – the volatility of the markets is why I do not guarantee the same results for everyone, and why despite having an extremely high personal success rate with trading – it is not something I am offering to do for others. Alternatively, I have developed a set of rules for trading and by following these rules you will have a much higher chance of success.  
Part of trading on the financial markets (stocks, cryptocurrency etc) is managing emotions and following the process. This should go without saying – but please do not trade with money you are not willing to lose – as trading cryptocurrency can be risky. I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. This is simply how I win trades with my own experience.
Just because some students in this program have made money doesn’t mean or imply the same will happen to you. In business, and in life, there are no guarantees – and there are many factors to one’s success.  
The students who I happen to feature in this program have one thing in common: consistency. I can not and do not guarantee the same results for everyone. That being said – if you are consistent and a diligent learner and come into my program – you will be able to learn to make a successful trade, which you can replicate time and time again.  
Please also realize money is not everything. Many students generate a large amount of money. This is not the secret to happiness. Many students want to make an impact in the world and make a difference for their lives and support those around them (family, friends) – this is often achieved by more than monetary gains.  
Success comes from you at the end of the day. No one will trade for you. Please do not send your Bitcoin to anyone. This program is to help you trade for yourself and will also show you how to protect yourself.  
The students that are successful and become millionaires develop their skills by practicing. They apply themselves and study and follow the rules and don’t let their emotions get to them. The successful traders also have failures and they don’t give up. One bad trade does not mean we quit. It means we keep going.  
The most successful traders ask questions when they are not sure and write down what went wrong and analyse the situation and get better by learning from mistakes – as often we learn more from our own mistakes than the mistakes of others.  
If you are not the type of person that is willing to practice, then frankly – my program and trading is not for you. If you blame others, whine, complain, are negative, then none of my programs are for you. The good news is you can change by changing your mindset. If you are not successful right now and blaming others, this is probably why you are not successful. Success comes from you. You can change. You can develop your skills. You are the one trusting yourself.  
If you are willing to work hard and study, practice and actually make it work then this is for you.  
Trader J