The criteria

  • You just need to be 18+ and have £500 to trade with. We will send you details to set up YOUR personal trading account with a broker that we track spreads and leverage for the free trial. Only you will have access to this account and they will verify you. If you’re starting in the next month, we will give you 30 day access to my group.

  • If interested, click the message button below to directly whatsapp us with your name.

How does it work ?

  • Our forex trading group free trial would be ideal to start with if you have never traded before or if you want to gain more experience trading.

  • During the free trial you would have access to my dedicated telegram group where we post free thesis and analysis in the group.

Why £500 minimum?

There are several reasons why £500 is the minimum right now. This minimum allows trades to be placed with an accurate trading plan.

  1. It would be unfair to your experience to use an undercapitalised account. This is a major obstacle to successful trading at the start. (Reasons traders fail 1 Under-Capitalization)
  2. You can withdraw funds at any time and they go straight back to your source of deposit. This is a trial, there are no obligations on your side to continue.

Fill up the form below and get a free trading trial

If that’s fine with you fill up the form below and get a free trading trial account details.

Trader J
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Kick-start your trading journey and learn how to trade the Forex markets with our series of FREE 30 trading tutorial videos.

Need help

Join Trader J “Group Session” for weekend. Its a limited group of 10 people.

Group Session
Weekends Only
£ 300 per person
  • 10 People in each session
  • Weekend Session
  • Decide what to learn?
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Step by step guide

  • I will take you step by step on everything you need to know to copy trades, understand analysis and you will be able to learn because I also give you a recommended starter course to read.
  • To benefit from the free trial option, you need to fit a criteria. If you fit the criteria I can get you involved.
  • We don’t risk everything. Each trade is like £30-40 risk for approximately double to triple back. We use a minimum 1:3 risk to reward ratio for the majority of our trades.
  • I provide trades,analysis,chart thesis,news and cover trading psychology. Therefore, You are getting Forex learning resources in the group.
*All the information provided is personal opinion and not direct financial advice. You should make your own decisions based upon evidence and what you believe is best for you. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

What to expect?


  • Free analysis on major currency pairs.
  • Trade thesis ( why we entered and how you can enter too )
  • Introduction to trading Document.
  • How to calculate your risk to reward.
  • How to calculate your recommended lot sizes.
  • This all free and for your benefit to get an insight into the world of trading.