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If you are looking for experienced trader(s) who have years of institutional and trading mentoring experience, then you are at the right place

Personalised content to help you grow with lessons and next steps

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individual session online

1-1 individual session online
£ 500 1hr
  • Live trading
  • Personalised to your personality
  • Give a strategy and solve the problem you are facing

Group session online

Join a group session online
£ 300 3 hours
  • Live trading
  • Group of similar problems
  • Strategies and problems that are being faced shall be solved

Trading Group Chats

Individual group
£ 49 1 Month
  • Individual group
  • Join a trading group
  • Choose either price action or institutional trading group for analysis , thesis , news & trades

TRADER J’s group multipack

Best deal/ highest value
£ 99 1 Month
  • Get access to All trading group memberships
  • Connect with previous clients and those that are going through mentoring and share your journey
  • This includes a group for analysis, thesis , news, trades and development for Price Action
  • This includes a group for analysis, thesis, news, trades and development for Institutional trading
  • Analysis on major markets:
    Crypto analysis
    Forex analysis
    Stocks analysis
BEst deal

At long last, there are basically two courses you can take on your excursion to figuring out how to exchange forex productively. The main course is the self-educated course, while you may in any case get to your objective of turning into a fruitful forex dealer; it is likely going to be an amazingly harsh excursion with many good and bad times and vulnerabilities an route, also a huge number of lost dollars. The subsequent course is the forex trading mentor course, this course may appear to be pointless from the outset, yet forex trading is a tricky game; it appears to be simple on a superficial level, however once you get into it somewhat more it turns into an interesting round of tricky benefits. Use the administrations of a forex mentor who has just discovered accomplishment in the business sectors, and your own prosperity will be a lot simpler to get.