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UK’s best trading platforms allow traders to navigate the market independently while accessing trading resources. With the power of internet technology, you can now trade the market anytime, anywhere, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With so many brokers in the markets and trading options, it can be hard to determine the best broker, given that not all platforms offer the same trading options. Let’s look at important factors to consider before investing in a trading platform.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Broker

  • Research about the broker

The more trustworthy a trading company, the more confident that your transactions will go smoothly and on time. Professional brokers should also have a great customer service system and a team of experts working for the firm. Working with the best brokers should leave users with no doubts. There will always be someone to contact for technical and trade issues.

  • Check spreads and commissions on accounts and transactions

Companies that offer lower spreads are better.

  • Multiple trading instruments

A good trading platform offers all financial products and as many markets as possible. If you know in advance what you need, the multiple instrument features may not be essential. However, if you are wondering where to invest your capital, look for a platform that offers you the most opportunities.

  • Demo account 

Professional trading platforms must have a demo version. You should be able to test the tool. This is very important when deciding if it suits your needs.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Pay attention to the interface. It should be clear, intuitive, easy to use, and most importantly, written in your language. The interface should be designed to instinctively navigate information from other modules. The better the first impression it creates, the more reliable the trading platform that meets your needs.

Features And Setting

Check the UK’s best trading platform configuration and feature settings. The following may be useful for testing. View multiple charts at once, change the chart type, automatically schedule and run transactions, access market analysis and updates, alerts on exciting investment opportunities, and SMS/e-alert posts about the situation, etc.

  • Free training or education resources

Ask if the brokerage platform is offering free training to its customers. Learning is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the markets and trading products while enjoying the protection of your brokerage experience.

  • Customer support

Customer service features vary. Some offer 24-hour support, others only by email. If you are struggling with technical issues, you should consider the level of support available.

  • Time factor

Would you like the platform to be able to send you an alert and fulfill your order? Or do you have time to fully immerse yourself in the platform?

  • Financial goals

Are you looking for a long-term investment for retirement? Or do you want to focus on short-term success?

  • Amount to invest

Some platforms do not offer transaction fees, while others require a minimum fee to open an account. There are also additional fees such as inactivity fees, withdrawals, and transfers. It’s not just investing in stocks or FX.

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The Type Of Trading Would You Like To Focus On

Do you want to access all types of transactions, or just focus on a single one; FX, Stock, or cryptocurrency? Would you like to trade in another market or use the best trading platform in the UK and Europe? You may want to focus on two specific types. Do you use a platform that offers both, or do you invest in two that specialize in trading options?

  • Easy to use

Are you the one who doesn’t use anything if it doesn’t please the eye? Can you find all the features you need? The market is changing rapidly and you need to be able to process orders immediately.

  • Access to information

Does the platform offer real-time updates or future updates that provide better information? Are there any exchange platforms that can provide detailed information on a specific campaign?

  • Security

The platform may sound flawless, but make sure it’s regulated and registered with regulatory bodies to see what options you have.

Uk best trading platforms avatrade vs vantage fx 1
Uk best trading platforms AvaTrade vs vantage fx

Best UK Trading Platforms: Vantage VS Avatrade

Having talked about how to know if a broker is reputable or good for your needs, now let’s start by examining and comparing two of the best brokers in the UK; Vantage and Avatrade.

  • Vantage vs Avatrade overview

Vantage FX is a renowned Australian financial brokerage firm founded in 2008. Vantage FX serves clients around the world and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Depending on the country in which you do business, AvaTrade may offer services from different commercial organizations depending on financial regulators.

Vantage FX is listed on a large stock market. As part of the regulatory requirements, Vantage FX is required to issue an annual report. Due to this added level of review and regulation, Vantage FX can be considered safe. AvaTrade is not registered as a PLC.

  • Comparison of AvaTrade and Vantage FX benefits

Below is a summary of the benefits of AvaTrade and Vantage FX at the same time. AvaTrade offers a minimum deposit of 250 and Vantage FX offers a minimum of 200. AvaTrade allows traders to trade up to 1,000 financial instruments, and Vantage FX has around 247 on its trading platform. (Click here to get FREE Avatrade Account)

The more instruments you can trade on the AvaTrade and Vantage FX trading platforms, the better. It’s good to have a versatile portfolio, and consumer options are always different. Trading is all about capturing opportunities and you don’t want to miss trading opportunities due to the limitations of AvaTrade or Vantage FX. (Click here to get a FREE Vantage FX Account)

AvaTrade has 99 shares listed on the AvaTrade trading platform and 0 shares listed on Vantage FX. AvaTrade allows retailers to trade assets such as Forex, CFD, Spread Betting, Social Trading on AvaTrade Web Trader, MT4, MT5, AvaTradeGo, AvaOptions, Mac, Mobile App, ZuluTrade, DupliTrade, MQL5 trading platforms, and more. Alternatively, Vantage FX allows retailers to trade Forex, CFDs, Spread Investing, social trading, and stock trading on the Vantage FX MT4 trading platform.

More Detailed Comparison Of AvaTrade And Vantage FX

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX pros and cons

Some brokers have many drawbacks. First, there are limitations that AvaTrade and Vantage FX may have. In general, the more you put in, the better. Second, these are the fees and commissions you pay with AvaTrade and Vantage FX. The higher the fee you pay, the greater the impact on your bottom line. Another important factor is the trading of AvaTrade and Vantage FX research tools, educational resources, and general usability.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX financial instruments

Diversity is the pinnacle of life, and it applies to financial markets. We always recommend a variety of investment portfolios. Diversifying your investment portfolio will help protect your entire investment from the massive downturn that could occur in your potential market. For example, if the inventory of an aircraft rises, the inventory of other aircraft is generally the same. Of course, it’s a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

However, if the opposite happens, it can be catastrophic! The best portfolio covers potential risks and includes companies and stocks from all backgrounds. The more financial products, instruments, and assets available on the AvaTrade and Vantage FX platforms, the more diverse investment portfolios you can build.

Cryptocurrencies have flourished since the invention of Bitcoin and for good reason. Cryptocurrencies made double-digit investments in millions of dollars. Of course, it is an extreme example, but you can hardly comment on existing campaigns. Bitcoin is the best-known example of a cryptocurrency, but there are thousands of altcoins on the market that can grow similarly. Like the stock market, if bitcoin rises, altcoins follow the same.

It’s easy to classify cryptocurrencies as high-risk investments. This is because cryptocurrencies often vary at very high or low levels. If your cryptocurrency is part of your portfolio or you want to invest part of your trading budget to see what’s going on, it can be one of the most interesting trades depending on how the market works. The availability of cryptocurrencies is regulated across AvaTrade, Vantage FX, and all brokers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX fees

It is very important to know the trading and commission costs of AvaTrade and Vantage FX. The price offered depends on the commission your broker receives. For example, if trading a financial asset worth 79.6. You may have to pay 79 to compete. So it starts with a small loss on AvaTrade and Vantage FX. The higher the commission, the more serious the problem. Worst still, some financial assets need to be kept overnight or over the weekend and there are usually fees attached to those. Therefore, before investing, check your fees with AvaTrade and Vantage FX. It is very important to know exactly what you are paying.

Ideally, you’d better choose a broker that doesn’t charge too much withdrawal fees. This is simply because it will eat your profits. This is especially true if you have a small budget and don’t need to invest that much. I want the withdrawal fee to be less than 1% of the withdrawal amount, but ideally, it should be around $5. Your location or residence will naturally affect your potential AvaTrade and Vantage FX fees. Before investing, research with AvaTrade and Vantage FX and check the fees.

Some brokers charge inactive fees. As the name suggests, this happens when the account is not used for some time. AvaTrade does not charge an inactive fee, whereas Vantage FX does. You will receive multiple messages warning you for all periods, and you can continue to use or close your account and take action accordingly. In general, the fees are minimal, so don’t worry.

When depositing through a broker like AvaTrade or Vantage FX, you may have to pay a deposit fee. The lower the deposit fee, the better because consistent deposits eat up your income, so think about it and what makes the best trading platforms for beginners in the UK before subscribing.

AvaTrade Review: 3 Key Findings for 2021 -

  • AvaTrade and Vantage FX trading platform

Today we live in an accessible world. So, the Stock trading platforms UK should take this into account. The ability to trade at the click of a button is very important, and you can make the right trading decisions for you on the AvaTrade and Vantage FX platforms. Without this, you cannot take advantage of all situations that may or may not occur in the financial markets.

Some brokers offer their own custom trading platforms, so if your particular broker doesn’t offer the trading software you’re looking for, you may consider their proprietary trading platform as the better option. You need to check it yourself with an AvaTrade or Vantage FX demo account.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX mobile trading

The ability to trade on your phone can be very useful. Why are you doing this? Well, the financial market is seeing the market move every second, and if you’re not close to your desktop computer, you’ll probably be there and access your phone. So you can take advantage of every opportunity offered. For example, stocks can always drop low when you’re away. In this case, you will lose some profit.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll need Apple’s iOS mobile app. Fortunately, trading platforms for mac

are very common and can almost always be used on iPhones if the broker has an app. Similarly, if your phone requires an Android app, it’s a good idea to check if the broker offers an app that supports your Android device. If you are using a Microsoft Windows tablet or phone, you should also check if there are compatible Mac trading platforms and trading apps for AvaTrade and Vantage FX.

Types Of AvaTrade And Vantage Currency Trading Accounts

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX demo account

The demo account is a very useful account for those with no trading experience. That way, you can test your trading skills in a safe environment without putting your money at risk. For those with little or no trading knowledge, we recommend signing up for the AvaTrade and Vantage FX demo accounts.

  • Micro AvaTrade vs Vantage FX accounts

Micro accounts from Forex trading platforms in the UK allow traders to deposit money on the foreign exchange market. This is best for those who want a risk-free business and are primarily focused on the currency. This is usually used by beginners. Both AvaTrade and Vantage FX offer micro accounts to clients.

  • AvaTrade and Vantage FX standard accounts

The default account is available to more experienced traders. This account allows users to trade stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more. To open one of these accounts, consumers must purchase at least $100, which most people will try to use. AvaTrade and Vantage FX offer standard accounts to their customers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX MAM account

What is a MAM account? MAM stands for multiple accounts management accounts. This is very useful for serious traders who want to set up their entire business using their accounts. It is a sophisticated software tool that allows single traders to conduct block trades on any account running on the main account. AvaTrade offers MAM accounts, and Vantage FX also offers MAM accounts to customers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX ECN

An ECN account represents an electronic communications network. This is an account for performing marching orders. This is a very complex software and only try to use it after a lot of research. Instead of artificially increasing the raw spread as a way to generate revenue, the account provider charges a fee for the execution of each transaction. AvaTrade and Vantage FX offer ECN accounts to customers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX Islamic account

Islamic Accounts are for those who respect the Koran and want to invest in the Islamic stock market. This may sound very professional, but it’s important to stakeholders as it follows certain ethics concerning Islamic principles. It is also called an account other than an exchange. The two brokers offer Islamic accounts to their clients.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX STP account

Direct access platforms or STP is when a transaction order requested by a customer is sent directly to the market. STP brokers strive to minimize any conflicts of interest. STP is a non-commercial method designed primarily for currency traders. AvaTrade does not offer STP accounts to customers, whereas Vantage is one of the direct access trading platforms that offer STP accounts to customers.

  • AvaTrade and Vantage FX managed accounts

A managed account is an investment owned by an investor. But the decision to make money is in someone’s hands. They have become very popular over the past decade and for good reason. The money you need to invest in these accounts is usually larger because you have to take into account the fees of financial professionals. However, some brokers offer a managed account option that can cost you as little as $200. AvaTrade and Vantage FX do not provide managed accounts to customers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX deposits and funds withdrawals

AvaTrade and Vantage FX have several deposit and withdrawal options. Deposits and withdrawals from your AvaTrade and Vantage FX accounts to the payment method you choose should be straightforward. Let’s take a look at how AvaTrade and Vantage FX compare to each other. Depending on the payment method you choose, your payment service provider or bank may charge you additional fees for processing and converting your funds. Not all potential commissions come from AvaTrade or Vantage FX.


  • AvaTrade vs. Vantage FX customer support

Customer service is important when trading the market. After all, even professional traders need help from AvaTrade or Vantage FX. This is especially true for traders with little knowledge. If you’re just getting started, make sure AvaTrade and Vantage FX support are always available when you need it. AvaTrade and Vantage FX customer support aren’t just helpful. This is very important to your trading success!

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX live chat

Live chat is important for several reasons. Because it’s good to know that when a problem arises, you can fix it right away. Chatting with someone live is much less frustrating than chatting with email. AvaTrade offers live chat, but Vantage FX does not provide live chat support.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX email support

Email support is also very useful when trading with AvaTrade or Vantage FX. Sometimes you may have more complex questions that require a dedicated part of the AvaTrade or Vantage FX support team to provide a satisfactory answer. This requires email support from AvaTrade and Vantage FX. AvaTrade and Vantage FX provide email support.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX phone support

Most problems can be solved with a phone call, but it’s great if you can talk to a live person on AvaTrade or Vantage FX. You can get to the point right away and it saves you time and frustration. AvaTrade and Vantage FX provide phone support.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX rules compliance and licenses

Don’t trade in a less regulated market. This is a natural thing when posting bank card information or investing money on a website. You have to make sure your money is in good hands. It’s not difficult to make sure that AvaTrade and Vantage FX are strictly regulated. The more respected regular brokers proudly post their regulatory certifications on their websites. If you don’t see AvaTrade or Vantage FX, be very careful before diving.

  • Risk management capabilities of AvaTrade and Vantage FX

When trading with AvaTrade or Vantage FX, you want to understand and optimize all the risk management features of the AvaTrade or Vantage FX trading platform.

Below, we compare the trading risk management features provided by AvaTrade and Vantage FX.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX hedge

What is a hedge? Have you ever heard the word “make a bet”? Essentially, this means that keeping all your assets in one place can be dangerous, so you’re not fully guessing the outcome of the event. Financial hedging means you can trade tactically in a way that protects you from enormous risks. You can do this, for example, is peculating a currency pair or stock will grow and fall at the same time by betting different amounts or using different leverage. AvaTrade and Vantage Hedge fund trading platforms provide hedges to their customers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX stop loss

Stop loss is very useful for highly volatile investments. Especially when guessing stocks or currency pairs in Forex. In normal trading you cannot lose more than you, but not when using leverage. In these conditions, it is always a good idea to make a stop loss to protect yourself from negative consequences. AvaTrade and Vantage FX offer stop loss to their customers.

  • Vantage AvaTrade FX limited order

Each broker must allow its users to place a limited order. This is when you have an order to buy a financial instrument at a fixed price. When the financial asset reaches the specified price, the transaction is executed. This is very useful because you can buy stocks at a better price! It will take a very long time to wait for the stock to eventually drop to the right price for you. So, you can already imagine how cross-border orders can benefit your trading career. AvaTrade and Vantage FX offer limited orders to their customers.

  • AvaTrade vs Vantage FX negative balance defense

Negative balance protection is designed to protect customers. Since trading can be a volatile business and not all investors are aware of the full outcome of the transaction, clients need practical protection. Here’s how to protect your negative balance: Let’s say you invested $50, but you could lose $125 due to leverage. You will need $125 for this transaction. This is great because one day you will be very unhappy if you receive an unexpected bill from a broker. AvaTrade does not provide negative balance protection to its customers, whereas Vantage FX does provide negative balance protection to its customers.

  • Security and trust

Client funds for Vantage FX traders are completely segregated from the National Bank of Australia (NAB), where regular audits are conducted. Professional liability insurance covers authorized agents, but, surprisingly, there is no investor compensation fund. In case of flaws, deposit insurance is better than current insurance. Vantage FX is fully compatible, transparent, and maintains an acceptable level of regulation, but lags behind its competitors.

AvaTrade is primarily regulated by the Irish Central Bank and subject to electronic rules that reduce competition in the trading environment. Investors are protected by ICCL (Compensation Company Investor LTD) up to 20,000 euros. Six additional jurisdictions strengthen the regulatory network. AvaTrade has a clean and reliable regulatory environment.

Vantage FX maintains an acceptable regulatory environment but does not have an investor compensation fund.

Our Verdict

Almost all good UK trading platforms have a loyal user base, but despite their appearance, not all of them are well designed for everyone’s needs. Some platforms are designed for experienced traders, so there are more research and analysis tools available. Most platforms have demo accounts and training tools. Non-beginner platforms focus less on these educational features.

For some investors, the most important thing about the platform is its intuitive use and ease of ordering. Other traders (mainly professional investors) are looking for sophisticated and advanced platforms that will provide a variety of technical analysis tools. Since there are no general rules about which platform is best, the best bet is to test a few options and find out what works for you. Of course, it is also very important to choose a broker that can use the platform by offering multiple trading methods.


Find out what you’re doing before signing up for the best UK day trading platforms. We are offering a piece of simple advice, but from experience, we know how many people start trading before asking questions. In short, pay attention to exactly what you are doing before investing.

Beware of the risks of trading. Financial markets can be volatile and investments can decrease or increase. Find out how to use all AvaTrade and Vantage FX training resources and tools for financial research. If you haven’t started trading, you can sign up to create a demo account with AvaTrade and Vantage FX and find an account that suits you and your trading style. Make sure your AvaTrade and Vantage Day trading UK platforms FX fees match your trading requirements.

You must have decided which UK online trading platform is best for you,


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